Friday, June 20, 2014

Get Your Whole Company Selling

If marketing is everything, then selling is for everyone. Your entire company should be - if not actively selling - at least pitching your company and its services when appropriate. As I said during my breakfast session, they need to all be on the same page with the message. You want everyone telling the same elevator pitch. Not 20 versions.

That said, I was asked to do some CSR (customer service rep) and Technician soft selling training. So here it is.

Do you want fries with that?

Do you have customer service reps that could use some training on how to upsell or cross-sell on calls? I originally did this training for an ILEC in 2010. Register your people today for less than $25! For an hour webinar filled with tips for upselling and cross-selling for CSR's on Wed., July 30th  Friday, August 1st at Noon Eastern time.

Training includes a worksheet (in PDF) and the ability to watch the playback for a month.

For technicians, we will have a soft selling webinar on Wed., August 6, 2014 @ Noon Eastern.

If you want more customized training, just contact the office at 813-963-5884. Thank you.

Please no speakerphones or cellphones. It causes too much interference on the bridge.

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