Monday, June 23, 2014

74 Ways to Launch Your Journey of Change Now.

I think my readers get that I like Tom Peters. I like his writing, his thinking, his presentations, his style - and I was lucky enough to meet him last year when he was the emcee for TEDx Manchester Village in Vermont.

So Tom wrote a 100K word mashup that morphed from "Some Stuff" to "Excellence. No Excuses." It is a 700+ page PDF about "Overcoming resistance to change." In other words,74 ways to launch your journey of change and march on excellence.

From Tom Peters about the book: "I’m not wholly insane—I don’t expect you to sit down for the weekend and read it cover to cover. But I do hope you will dive in from time to time and cherry-pick an idea to be used “Monday morning.” Or some such."

Tom isn't a stranger to very long publications, his McKinsey presentation booklet that In Search of Excellence was based on was 600 pages. His MOAP - Mother of All Presentations - on Excellence Now is a "23-part, 4096-slide, fully annotated PowerPoint presentation of "everything I’ve learned"."

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