Thursday, March 27, 2014

News Right Now (That I just can't blog about)

So much going on that I can't blog about it all. Here's what I am missing:

DISH + DirecTV are talking merger again. It would probably be a good thing since the MSO market is shrinking. But it can only happen if Comcast is able to buy TWC.

Fallout From Snowden Hurts Tech Company Bottom Lines - to the tune of about $30 Bill. We knew this already. Is it Snowden's fault or is it the NSA's fault? Who cares! How do we fix it to prevent a dot com like bubble from bursting?

The Comcast-Netflix fight that has caused Cogent to squeal to the FCC. Here is Level3's blog post about "Internet Chicken". And here is Netflix's "buyer's remorse" blog post.

"Open source cellular is getting a commercial grade boost today, as Range Networks has unveiled the latest and greatest version of OpenBTS." [ramblings]

Conterra got a chunk of private money to create a nationwide broadband network for muni, schools, etc.

Indatel opened a new so Rural carriers can connect to the Indatel network and its customers. The new POP is located on Cermak Street in Chicago. In the Midwest? Take a look at the Indatel fiber map. Indatel is owned by like 500 IOCs.

FCC Releases Revised Connect America Fund Cost Model. Read more here.

Viacom Blackoout looms for NCTC

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