Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Stories to Sell

The best way to sell is to tell a story that is relevant to the prospect. For example, a story about his rival or how a similar business benefited from your services. Basically, a case story - but the story telling is important. Story telling is how we paint a picture for the prospect; it's how we make them visualize the solution - and most important remember that picture (if the story is good enough.)

We have had a pretty frozen winter in most of the US. Here's how one company turned snow days into a reason to buy Hosted UC (but it will work for any Hosted Voice solution).

Here is a story written by the newspaper publisher in northeast Georgia ripping Centurylink's Internet service a new one. Note that the publisher talks about how vital Internet Access is today. He talks about how essential Internet is to any work environment. This too is a story you can start to tell.

Telling is Selling.

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