Tuesday, February 04, 2014

3 Keys to Boosting Sales

Last week, Mojo Marketing and I gave another session on Doubling Sales. Seven of those tips were recorded by TMC's Carrie Majewski here.

Here are three keys to boosting sales.

Train. Get better at all facets of sales - from negotiating to prospecting to closing to networking. Learn about the products you offer. Talk to customers about how they interact with your products.

Know who benefits most from your products (target them). Flipside, know who profits least - and ignore them. A warm body is not the same a s a warm lead. Tell a story about your unique value proposition.

Too Little Time, Too Much To Do. Sales is a function of time. Put everything on your calendar - so you remember to do it and so that it gets done. There is too much to do today. Eliminate the waste where you can. Get better at closing and prospecting - and you will save time overall. It takes just as long to close a small sale as a larger one.

Inspired this morning by Nicholas Bates post.

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