Monday, December 02, 2013

Where Is Everyone?

I talk about targeted marketing a lot. Many people argue with me. They are wrong. Not everyone is my customer. Not everyone is your customer. If 40% of the marketplace shop on price and you aren't the cheapest, not everyone will buy from you. Also, if you don't have a clear value proposition, most people will go with the cheapest. I could go on and on. Like if you don't have fiber or tower or a collocated CO or can't port their number, they are not a prospect.

Seth Godin writes about the NY Times classified ads, how they are just one page, and how most of the ads are useless. It's a less in target marketing as well as a lesson in recruiting talent.

In recruiting talent, expend your resources looking where your best candidates will be. Where have you found great talent before? Another place: ask your current employees. It will help retain the culture.

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