Thursday, December 05, 2013

The New FCC Chair Wrote a Book

The new chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, wrote an ebook about what he thinks about networks. It is called Net Effects: The Past, Present & Future Impact of Our Networks – History, Challenges and Opportunities (and is available as a pdf, on Amazon and at Scribd). See more here.

"What is clear about our network revolution, however, is that the new information networks are the new economy." I just wrote a blog post for Blouin about our economy consisting of a macro-economy that is a service economy and a micro-economy that is the Internet or Creative Economy. Knowledge workers are leveraging the Internet to build a bright future (in theory).

The other big news is that the House is calling for a re-write of the Telecom Act. "They envision a multi-year effort that will start next year with a series of hearings and white papers next year." The last re-write in 1996, took years and much compromise to make a mediocre bill that spawned millionaires while siphoning trillions into bad debt. I can see a repeat coming because we don't learn from mistakes, these idiots in Congress are too stupid to understand the Internet (and its effect on the economy), these same critters in Congress don't grasp compromise either, and they are all bought and paid for.

More about the telecom act re-haul.

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