Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marketing Today is Just Different

It isn't just inbound marketing versus outbound. It's just social or mobile. It's that in a connected world, where anyone can buy anything at any time, everything changes.

People have their noses buried in devices 24/7. It is a big challenge to get attention.

"If you have more money than brains, focus on outbound (old fashioned) marketing. If you have more brains, focus on inbound marketing." Roberto Ricossa, VP Marketing & Inside Sales at Avaya

SEO has changed a lot. See a good article here on INC. It boils down to knowing your market. Big Data means that companies can get a profile of the ideal customer. They can also see the Lifetime Value of the Customer. If they know what their Customer Acquisition cost is, they can determine how to acquire customers (against the LV of that customer.)

We are closing in on marketing one to one.

Content is still King. Really good content wins. Video, podcasts, blogs, tweets, memes, photos, etc. - anything to convey use cases, business value, positioning, etc.

7 Marketing Truths. The big one: Brands still Win!!! Brands equal Trust (even person brands). Trust is required to make a sale.

"You don’t need a big budget to create a big buzz." If you know your target market, have a clear, concise message, the buzz can be had cheaply. Again Big data helps. If you know the profile, you know where the prospects are (online) and can target them inexpensively there.

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