Thursday, November 07, 2013

Crypto Locker Virus is no joke

So my pal sent me a notice about a virus which will encrypt all of your personal files (pictures, office docs, videos, etc). You will not get them back without paying $100-700 USD within 72 hours. It might be nice to warn your customers about opening unknown attachments. Offer them a scanning service for extra $$; and offer them data backup so they can access files after they get the virus.

The Register has this article about Crypto Locker as Ransomware. There are others including this one.

Norton has a page about it here.

So does MalwareBytes.

How To Avoid CryptoLocker Ransomware. "This thing hit like pretty much all the file extensions that are usable, from Mp3s to [Microsoft] Word docs,” Kessel said. “About the only thing it didn’t touch were system files and .exe’s, encrypting most everything else with 2048-bit RSA keys that would take like a quadrillion years to decrypt. Once the infection happens, it can even [spread] from someone on a home PC [using a VPN] to access their work network, and for me that’s the most scary part."

Another reminder: Win XP updates expire soon so all those computers will be subject to a huge amount of exploits, malware, etc. Jump on that too.

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