Thursday, October 10, 2013

UC, DSL and Other News

Windstream says that the consumer DSL business remains its second fastest growing revenue stream in its portfolio. It should with all the CAF + RUS funds it received. WIND has "penetrated 71 percent of its access lines with broadband. .. Windstream is getting about $10 a month from complementary services such as hosting and virus protection it sells to consumers." It's all about the upsell to increase ARPU.

Level3 rolled out Complete Voice, a new SIP trunk service. "The Voice Complete platform enables enterprises to securely connect more sites with greater operating and cost efficiency, incorporating a fully native PRI (primary rate interface)-handoff capability and other new performance-enhancing features." Yeah. wow.

There’s a school of thought that says the established tools of enterprise communication - telephony, instant messaging, email and video - don’t cut the mustard even when glued together with presence and presented as unified communications and collaboration. What’s needed to make a business really hum along, the argument goes, is enterprise social networking. [source]

"It takes a great deal of network infrastructure to enable unified communications and collaboration, but many IT professionals are now focusing on the application-layer issues of UCC." [source] It's all about INTEGRATION.

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