Monday, October 14, 2013

Florida MTU Broadband

AT&T Brings "Blazing-Fast" Internet Access And Advanced Fiber-Based Services To 25,000-Plus Florida Businesses.

"Under Project VIP, AT&T has lit up 750 multi-tenant office buildings across the state, helping take the 'speed of business to next level'... crews have installed fiber to an additional 750 multi-tenant (MTU) buildings across Florida, making fiber-based broadband services available to more than 25,000 business customer locations."

AT&T's Project Velocity IP (VIP) is a three-year investment plan to expand the RBOC's wireless and wireline broadband networks, by year-end 2015. That's LTE and U-Verse.

Verizon had a similar plan pre-2000, where business parks had fiber deployed in them via GTE Smart Park projects. It is easy in greenfield sites, like business parks as roads and utilities are being installed before buildings. Afterwards it is more expensive and thus less profitable.

Fiber to the Biz is where all the profit is left in the marketplace. Cable companies are attacking this market segment now as well. The consumer space is flat and hyper-competitive. That just leaves cheaper and bigger broadband pipes to the SMB space of over 28 million businesses. There is also the IT and cloud services to those 28 million businesses.

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