Monday, October 07, 2013

3 e-books for your reading

A couple of e-books for you to read.

One is The Flinch by Julien Smith, which is published by Seth Godin's Domino Project and is free right now on kindle. It is about how boxers have to learn not to flinch in order to be a boxer. We flinch in reflex, but to take big risks we have to learn not ot flinch.

I mention this ebook when I speak: Breaking the Time Barrier is the first e-book by Fresh Books. It is a story about web designers pricing out their work. A spin o not trading time for money and defining your Value.

Many of you know who Rackspace is. Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist and author I love. This e-book tells the story of what he learned about Rackspace's growth while working with them on culture and cartoons.

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