Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Private Gift to Your Customers

With all the noise about the NSA snooping, this is an opportunity to become the privacy provider.
You could extreme about it, like move your servers to Iceland or Singapore. (Hey, ATT's router support is done in Singapore.)

You could teach people about encryption and PGP. There is a plug-in for Mozilla's Thunderbird email client for OpenPGP. have you seen EnigMail?

Pirate Bay just launched a browser to get around censorship.

Google stated that any 3rd party data is open to examination without an expectation of privacy. You could be the one with a strong piracy policy.

With all the cell phone makers putting in CALEA tunnels (for lack of a better term), the Ubuntu Edge is killing it on Indiegogo.

Now all this encryption and privacy may get you noticed by the government, so here is what it is like to get a National Security letter.

The key is to tell a new story, to set yourself apart, to have that story resonate with your targeted audience (your tribe).

FYI... What the NSA Scandal Means by Lifehacker.

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