Friday, July 05, 2013

What To Learn from Google Voice

In reading this article about building a better Google Voice, apparently no company provides everything a customer needs - and most of the needs are wrapped around mobile.

Cbeyond did a study that shows small business relies on mobile more and more - for working remotely; for working on the go.

"Cbeyond survey discovered that, in addition to mobile services, the two other most critical technologies for United States SMBs include network access and desktop/laptop management. 42 percent of the polled SMB leaders recognized that doing business operations without mobile services would be a major challenge, while 34 percent saw that survival for their businesses would not be possible without mobile services." [ucstrategies]

The lifehacker article busts on voicemail transcription services. It reminds me of Louie CK: you are mad that this new AI tech is available for free (or near free) and it isn't perfect yet?? That is what we face as technology marketers -- it has to be cheap, perfect, and stylish and as easy as the iPhone.

The lesson for service providers is that you can put together a neat bundle still - despite a thousand people trying.

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GeoTel said...

I frequently travel internationally and Google Voice allows me to use my same US number (receive and call out), but over wifi or 3G (through non-Google apps). The Google Voice app only allows for text messages, but still. The product is truly a lifesaver and a budget saver. There is nothing else on the market that allows the freedom of Google Voice.