Thursday, June 06, 2013

Future of Telecom

This is an infographic about the Future of Telecom from a study. It says that the landline and desk phone are as dead as the PSTN. I think VoIP Providers keep saying that hoping it is true, but the revenue at the ILECs seem to indicate that landline is only slowly going away.

I still think that the ITSP's are not doing enough with the desk phone. These things are computers that can be programmed. Why isn't anyone taking advantage of that gfact?

Plus these IP Phones are a capital expenditure that sometimes is a hurdle to sales (if the customer doesn't want to buy new phones); a hurdle to productivity (if the customer doesn't use a recommended IP Phone or an IP Phone at all); and a cash flow damn (because the ITSP has to find a way to provide the phones as a recurring charge element in the package).

I have also noticed that there are no bundles that involve an iPad or other tablet yet. Why not? Softphones work on the iPad and it would be a cooler option than a Polycom.

Final observation: what about a softphone only bundle? Through in a bluetooth handset instead.

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