Monday, May 20, 2013

8 Links to Look at

Lost arts like presenting and productivity: by Nicholas Bate.

Some great advice from Entrepreneurs, including "Keeping in contact with clients is the most important thing"

"Top managers realize their core objective is: make my people more valuable vs. focusing on the numbers. The BYPRODUCT: They hit BIGGER goals." - Keith Rosen

5 Pricing Studies - like Comparisons or Selling Time Over Money. Worth the read!

Comparison of broadband pricing.

9 things that block cloud sales

""Hardware OEMs are increasingly turning to service partners to access the customers, at the same time that independent software vendors are using the SaaS model to go to the customer directly," she said. "This is bad news for VARs, integrators and distributors, many of whom are trying to either become cloud service providers themselves or move into a cloud brokerage model."
. The cloud threat.

Cbeyond rolled out TotalCloud and TotalAssist and Cloud Enablement. What is that?

Cloud Computing: Revolving The Business Industry And The Working Environment

10 rules for a great small business (they call it start-up, but I say it works for any small business.)

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