Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thoughts on Culture

I gave the keynote at FISPA today on Culture. (slides are below)

"It's so easy to string together a bunch of platitudes and call them a mission statement. But what happens if you actually have a specific mission, a culture in mind, a manifesto for your actions?" from my favorite Seth Godin.

Culture has been at the center of a lot of projects in the last year, because transformation into cloud services, branding, product launches, and especially hiring come down to culture. Culture is the DNA -- it is how things really get done in an organization (not how it is written in policy, but how things actually work.)

For example, if honesty and integrity are in your job description, but you cheat in sales, then you should be fired. Not firing you when caught cheating means that honesty and integrity are not valued - and that is the true culture of the company. For too many companies, the true culture is just revenue. Not many people can feel valued in that environment.

The slide deck with a lot of borrowed content.

By the way, I had some slides that I was going to show before my talk during lunch but didn't. Here they are.

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