Friday, April 19, 2013

Links to Stories You May Find Interesting

Dark Secrets of Cloud by CIO mag. "Any data in the cloud is never really deleted (or safe). You will need a data steward - Say what data should and, more importantly, should not be stored in the cloud. This will help you avoid a discovery problem, a PCI audit, a HIPAA or FERPA or (name your favorite acronym) compliance problem."  I call this an opportunity!  Someone has to be the data stewart - why not you?

Where America’s Broadband Networks Really Stand.

Report praises US Internet service

"It is more difficult and costs 6 to 7 more times to acquire a new
customer than it does to keep an existing one. Advertising, promotion,
selling, and time invested are all factors in the high cost of
acquiring a customer. So it’s important not to neglect the customers
you’ve already won." [VentureBeat]

gUnify follows VZ and launches UC that connects with Google Apps Resellers to an enterprise voice solution via Broadsoft.

In response to Oracle buying Acme Packet maybe? BroadSoft and Sonus partner to integrate UC product offerings.

An 8 page interview with Broadsoft CEO Tessler.

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