Monday, March 25, 2013

Fiber to the Home

In this article on Betanews, it calls Google Fiber a pipe dream. Maybe, but what it should have been was a BHAG.

Big, Hairy Audacious Goal - BHAG. It is what FCC Chairman Julius should have pronounced when he started 4 years ago. Now as he resigns - claiming great success - we aren't much further along in fiber-to-the-home than we were before BTOP.

Google Fiber was supposed to be a showcase for what was possible -- so that BTOP and BIP winners would have an idea of what they could do. Instead, notsomuch. FiOS has been shelved as a financial failure.

It still blows my mind that the ILECs have given up and let the cablecos win. So much for the competition that the FCC likes to talk about.

BTW, the FTTH Council is backing ILECs in getting rid of copper.

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