Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's With Dell and Microsoft?

Dell has been looking for private equity money to take it private. Being public when you are going through a huge transformation isn't fun. That much transparency makes people do cautious things instead of bold moves needed when computers - PC's and laptops - are being replaced with smartphones and tablets. Small LAN's only need a wireless router not routers and switches and cables, etc. Less and less hardware from the usual suspects like HP, Dell, Intel, Gateway, Cisco. Less printers too.

Guess what? Less hardware means less O/S - operating systems - which means less revenue for Microsoft. Now Apple and Google are not only getting the O/S money, but the hardware and the apps (other software) too! Plus movies, music, books --- oh, how the WinTel coalition missed the boat.

And none of these companies can make a decent low priced tablet. A $300 laptop sure, but somehow not a $300 tablet. Go figure.

Now the news is that Microsoft is looking at Dell. More likely MS is looking to be some of the private money that purchases Dell. Not all, but some of it.

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