Monday, January 14, 2013

What TDCloud Says

TDCloud (from Tech Data) has a primary goal in 2013 to: "Educate VARs and MSPs that are still trying to wrap their arms around cloud services, recurring revenue models and emerging business strategies." It is good to remember that while the hype of cloud is huge, actual sales are not - and most people are still confused (both service providers and prospects).

TDCloud say that "IDC and other market predicters were suggesting private cloud will take 28 percent of the IT budget within a few years."

Cloud requires the ability to bill, auto-provision, training, on-boarding, and expertise. One other point: properly compensate salespeople for cloud sales. Many are challenged by that.

Here's an article about the buckets for evaluating SAAS providers.

BTW, it seems that Microsoft is making changes to Office365 to make it more palatable for the channel.

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