Thursday, January 17, 2013

4G from NetZero's new MVNO

Dial-up is still bringing in bank (cash), but NetZero has made a deal with Clearwire to become a data MVNO to offer 4G service. Engadget has a review. There is a free version: Free, $0, 200MB (limited to Lightspeed and limited to one year).

The device is straight out of Sprint. It is the same 4G Mi-Fi gadget.

Other reviews are linked here.

I often get customers asking about the MVNO deals. For the most part, it is cumbersome and only worthwhile in large quantity - about 500 device activations per month. The device fulfillment, configuration and returns are a challenge, although there are companies that will do that for you. Unfortunately, you don't have access to the cool handsets. Just ask the Rural Cellular Association who is constantly crying to the FCC about exclusive deals and lack of access to handsets that people are clamoring for.

Last week someone called me because they have an MVNO deal that includes handset fulfillment and need some ISP/CLEC partners to help scale the operation. If interested, give me a buzz.

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