Friday, December 14, 2012

SMB Bandwidth via Copper

Why is EoC important? Because only 28% of the buildings have fiber. This means that at least 72% don't have fiber in their buildings yet. So it's EoC or Fixed Wireless.

Ethernet-over-copper allows the carrier to turn up service fast. It also allows for speeds beyond a T1 without an NxT1 solution. The advertised speeds range up to 100 Mbps. By 100 MB, they mean IF there is a enough copper in the building, because ADTRAN has a 24-port DTE. (24 x 5.7 MB = 100MB)

Many CLEC's count on the copper plant to deliver bandwidth to SMB. Most CLEcs offer EoDS1, EoC and VDSL2 off the same ADTRAN gear in the CO.

How big is it?

MegaPath claims to have EoC deployed in 693 LSO (local switching offices).

TelePacific is in 234 LSO's - but they only have service in Cali, Nevada and Texas.

XO is in 799 CO's (but some of that is in conjunction with Wind/Paetec. PAETEC is in 400 CO's.

Mammoth Networks is a FISPA member. They are doing Ethernet Aggregation.

Who else offers EoC? Integra Telecom and ATT (via BellSouth).

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