Tuesday, December 04, 2012

6 Newsletter Topics

If you send out a newsletter to your customers - and if you don't, why not? - you are probably looking for content every time. Here are six ideas:
  1. Tips for shopping Online. [example]
  2. How is password management important?
  3. Why you should update your operating system
  4. How to Undelete a file [example]
  5. Dropbox, Sharepoint or some other file sharing site. [example]
  6. Are you running anti-virus?

This also gives you the opportunity to run a special promotion or introduce a new service. For example, if you are introducing digital storage, you could talk about how photographs - all your memories - are digital now. No prints, negatives, tapes, films. Where are you storing all of your memories? We can make it easy for you - flash, external hard drive, online storage, Picasa online.

Take that one step further and have a class on it. Walk them through all of it. Have stats about hard drive failure. Tape the class to re-use that content as even more marketing.

Just some thoughts as we hit the holiday shopping zone.

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