Thursday, November 01, 2012

Growth Hack

The new concept for marketing is being called Growth Hack - for hacking sales growth. It is alternatively being labeled as Lean Marketing. (I think for many of you, marketing has been pretty lean for years! :))

I ran through this 166 slide deck today and thought it made some excellent points. Yes, it is focused on web/app start-ups, but
166 slides of awesomeness on startup marketing can be applied to a new product launch or even a re-branding effort.

Some of the info in the slides corresponds to Google's Zero Moment of Truth
[A little extra help on that front is available here.]

From visitors to action to customer to referral is a complicated process. Most people are searching first -- your website and other online properties are SO important. It does not matter how much traffic you get if none of the visitors stay or buy! Worse is to have no traffic because your google juice (SEO) is nil.

Step one is figure out what you want to sell. Step two is design a website to showcase it and sell it. Step three is get started.

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