Monday, November 19, 2012

Duopoly Gifting Consumers

"Bright House said customers will be able to bundle cable, Internet and voice services with Verizon's smartphones and tablets to receive the $200 gift card," via news reports. And everyone thought it would just be Obama gifting taxpayers!

TWC, BH, Cox and Comast are in a joint venture together with VZW. The JV was based on a spectrum buy, but the crux of it is a joint marketing project. I'm not certain how much competition is left in the residential space, but the Duopoly will be pushing into your way soon.

Likely, this joint marketing will extend into the SOHO and small business market in 2013. The key is to shore up your customers.

Customer Retention is easier and cheaper than Customer Acquisition!

Chase Total Wallet Share of the IT/Telecom budget for each customer, not market share.

Be Deep! Not an inch deep and a mile wide, but a half-mile deep and a half-mile wide.

Add services under your own joint ventures or strategic partnerships or white-label opportunities. (Get over the control bullsh!t. You need to be delivering as many services on one bill as you can - and manage the UX (customer experience). Argue with me all you want about the control, but you all rely on the ILEC and other carriers to provide you the most vital ingredients of your network, so working with a third party to deliver backup or Hosted Exchange shouldn't be a mind-bender.

If copper gets clipped, you will still have other revenue streams from each client.

You can use a white-label provider until you get critical mass - then move it in-house, but you need to get to market fast!

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