Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Doesn't Sales Training Work?

A couple of articles came my way about sales training not working. I had to read it, because, well, I perform sales training. I'd like it to be a win-win, although I realize that for years studies show that sales training only leaves nuggets with the trainees.

"For sales people to change what they do and how they do it, they must first decide there is a need to change." [source]

There has to be buy-in from the trainee. Otherwise there is resistance - and no change happens.

The other is that a habit has to be formed. Hearing new ideas is great, but you have to integrate that idea or learning into your habits. Otherwise nothing happens.

Another one from this article is Unique Needs. I have heard a couple of times that my training is different than Sandler, despite the fact that I believe in the Sandler approach. I think it has to do with the Product based sales training that I provide. It is granular and not as theoretical.

As we are in 4Q2012, what can you do to punch sales in the last quarter of the year?

One idea: Create an end of year sales contest, with individual and team goals.

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