Thursday, October 25, 2012

There is Opportunity Everywhere

Right now we are living in a time of great change - and great opportunity! You need to believe that to be able to take advantage of it. You need to believe that to make the next step.

Right now there are state and federal grants for training. There are grants and loans for you to build out your (rural) network. There are politicians looking for someone like you. (Not all of them but a select few actually do want to see good change happen).

As everyone moves to the cloud, it changes everyone's business model - from HP, Xerox, Dell to Microsoft, Apple - and YOURS!

There are business models around cloud services, but there are bigger businesses around Security, especially managed security services.

Circle back: I mentioned training grants, right? CISSP and others can be paid for with a grant.

Right now, banks, law firms and healthcare firms need help with security. Small businesses do too but are difficult to sell to. Easier to sell to verticals that already recognize the value of MSS (managed security services).

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