Thursday, September 27, 2012

Verizon Wireless & Xfinity, Better Together

“Verizon Wireless & Xfinity, Better Together,”

"Verizon customers will be able to browse television listings on a Verizon Samsung tablet and learn to set their DVR remotely using Xfinity’s service." [NYTimes]

The RBOCs - ATT + VZ - don't compete any more because the MSO's decided that while they had spectrum it would be cost prohibitive to get into such a hyper-competitive market (what I call a Red Ocean).

FiOS only covers about 14% of the US - and there are no plans to extend that. So VZW sells cable service and cable sells VZW cell service - and presumably the consumers are happy.

"Six hundred Verizon stores already sell Comcast, Time Warner or Cox service to customers and offer gift vouchers of as much as $300 and other incentives if a Verizon customer signs up for cable. By the end of the year, Verizon expects 75 percent of its nearly 2,000 stores and kiosks to offer cable bundles to wireless customers." This happiness will last until the bills go up because of not only lack of competition, but cooperation between the Duopoly. We are not getting more for our dollar. We are getting the same for more dollars.

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