Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Case You Missed It

T-Mobile USA hired Global Crossing CEO John Legere as their new CEO. Sprint are you watching this?

Metaswitch is doing an ad campaign about PBX. "Traditional PBXs are on the way out, says Metaswitch Networks. But while they may soon be gone, the company says it wants to make sure they’re not forgotten. So Metaswitch has launched the website, which discusses the demise of the classic PBX and invites folks to submit photos and memories of these warhorses." Interesting.

Smoothstone is now West IP Comm. They launched a cool campaign too about stopping the communications madness.

Michelle Welsh is an intrigue to me. She ran Seth Godin's events this year and helped FISPA with its NYC executive retreat. Her blog is worth the read: 10 THINGS ENTREPRENEURS [SHOULD] KNOW.

During one of my sessions at FISPA Live in Chicago, Norm asked what I would do about marketing as a time crunched executive. Seth Godin answers that for me here. My answer: 2 cold calls each morning (and 2 calls to customers); blog or tweet or write content for your newsletter or email campaign every day; and put it on your calendar as an appointment.

Insight into the mergers and acquisitions activity in the hosting space, as well as some of the factors influencing valuations, by D&H Capital.

Q Advisors said similar stuff last year.

CenturyLink and Mediacom join the broadband capping party.

Nice Infographic about How we kill our own Productivity.

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