Friday, August 24, 2012

The One Achilles Heel

In an article on The VAR Guy, Marketing: The Achilles Heel of Solution Providers, the author, Elliot Markowitz, points out the things that the CEO needs to be doing.

  • Understanding your clients' business challenges, performing IT planning;
  • "Building reoccurring revenue streams around hosted and managed services".
  • Up to date on emerging technology like mobility, security, virtualization, business analytics and so on.
  • Savvy enough in technology to alleviate security risks.
  • Partner for joint ventures to supplement skill sets.

The one thing service providers fall down on is marketing, even something as simple as an up-to-date website.

Other marketing tactics are social media, pay-per-click campaigns, speaking, webinars, networking and reaching out to the press. If you need help or tips, give RAD-INFO INC a call at 813-963-5884.

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