Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Learn to Sell Some Cloud

In case you missed the announcement: my book is out in paperback, SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services. (Kindle version available too!) I wanted to launch this book with some fanfare, so I have decided to do a very cheap 4 week sales course with the book. The paperback costs $29.95 (plus tax and shipping on Lulu).

This 4 week course is just $99 including a copy of the book!
Every Thursday for 4 weeks at Noon eastern time starting 9/27/12.
The first week will be 90 minutes as I go through What is Cloud, Prospecting, selling deep with Lit buildings. There will be plenty of time for questions and interaction.
Week 2 will be 55 minutes on selling Hosted PBX and Cloud Comm., but will be on 10/11.*
Week 3 will be How to Sell Cloud.
Week 4 wraps up with 55 minutes of Follow-up, upsell and cross-sell.

The book itself has 3 major themes: What is Cloud, Why should you get into cloud or care about it, and How to sell it, including scenarios and specific questions.

The course to get in the game selling cloud services is just $99 per attendee (not per company) and includes a copy of the book. Sign up now!

*on 10/4/12 I am speaking in Austin at ITEXPO.

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