Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sales for the Techie

"Nothing happens until something gets sold." That said the best person to sell for your business is YOU! Why? Who is more passionate about what you sell than you?

The problem is the idea of selling - the rejection, the perception of the used car guy, and the feeling like you are asking for a favor. These are major reasons folks don't like to sell. Except we sell every day. We sell ideas and persuade people to do what we want.

Ask a girl for a date? Selling.

Ask for a raise? Selling.

Convince the wife to go see Batman? Selling.

Selling can be as simple as this: If you believe that the person would be better off with your service than without it, that is selling on a win-win. Hugh says, "Remember that selling is about helping people, and that is precisely why you should never take 'No' for an answer."

One hurdle is to stop talking tech or about the gizmo. Tech is moving so fast. You are the Tech expert. The Prospect just wants to know How Do I Do That? BOOM! You sell him the solution that does THAT.

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