Monday, July 30, 2012

Qwest DSL Options

In the former Qwest ILEC region (I guess technically the former US West region), ISP's can still get access to DSL.
Mammoth Networks provides wholesale access to Qwest’s Fiber to to Node (FTTN) DSL in Qwest’s 14 state region. Wholesale FTTN uses bandwidth and is provisioned as a Layer 3 DSL service at speeds from 1.5Mbps/896k to 40Mbps/20Mbps.
FTTN is a great solution for Multi-Tenant Units and locations requiring high-bandwidth, offering custom upload speeds of 5Mbps for higher-speed DSL packages.
Do you want ATM, Layer 2 Qwest DSL?
Do you need ATM Layer 2 Covad DSL?
How about Private line nationwide (ATM, FRS, MLPPP and TDM)?
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