Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gartner's Trends

"In a 2012 webinar, Gartner outlines technology trends that will reshape the way enterprises operate internally and connect with consumers." Energy, Mobility, BYOD, Data centers, Big Data, Cloud and customer support are all in the top 10 trends.

Number 7 is where the opportunity is "IT Complexity" - "Pointing to Glass' Law (sourced to Roger Sessions of ObjectWatch), which states that "for every 25 percent increase in functionality of a system, there is a 100 percent incrase in the complexity of that system," Gartner emphasizes the ability of an enterprise to get the most out of IT money spent."

Someone has to help companies benefit from the IT.

"Number 9. The End of Service Desks - As users expect service in real time and crowdsourcing support is becoming more prevalent, the effectiveness of reactive processes of service desks is dwindling. Gartner suggests companies build transition strategies that enable a proactive business productivity team." I have no idea what that last sentence means. I do know that real-time support is a bane for even large companies like Bright House. (30 minute wait on Sunday night before I hung up.) Real-time support is even tougher for small business. Monitoring social media, live chat, email, forums and phones. Now would be a good time to start thinking about a knowledge wiki, customer forums (so that others can help your customers) and other automated tactics for support.

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