Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Forget the Mustard

Seth Godin has a short post today about not serving a naked hot dog.

"The packaging, the service, the environment, the hours, the interactions, the way it feels to tell our friends--these are all the free prize."

The technology is great, but people don't just buy tech - well, a few people do - most people buy what the technology will provide them with. That's the point. That's the sales trigger.

The mustard in telecom is what I call on-boarding. Every step of bringing on a new customer - from paperwork, to LNP, to FOC, to turn up, to first bill review and follow-up.

And on-boarding new employees too. Why? If you have their desk, computer, paperwork and a little card that says Welcome ready on their first morning, how do you think they will feel about working for you? How you treat employees (even salespeople) is reflecting in how they treat your customers.

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