Monday, June 25, 2012

Should Be Easy to Sell SIP

ATT Southwest (former Southwest Bell or SBC) is raising PRI rates. SmartTrunk® (ISDN PRI) month-to-month rates will increase in the southwest region on July 3, 2012. Bill Page Messages (BPM's) were mailed beginning April 1, 2012 and ended May 31, 2012.

Port charges will increase from $1265 to $1375, Interface charges from $1385 to $1495 and B-Channels from $45 to $50.

You should be able to beat the M2M pricing. But with all the crazy promotions, who knows what the contract price is to the customer.

Yet anyone who has a contract expiring will revert to those M2M rates.

BTW, pricing for CCB in former BellSouth territory is increasing again as well. Great opportunity to sell Hosted PBX or a feature rich landline offering.

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