Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sales is About Trust

Without a well-known brand, your prospects are taking a leap of faith in buying from you. "No one ever got fired for buying IBM (or Cisco or AT&T)." Except that isn't true, but as a cliche, it explains many buyers mentality. They don't want to make the wrong choice.
So how do you convince them?
You have to build Trust.
  • Testimonials
  • Referrals
  • User Reviews
Other ways to build Trust is through Proof.
Follow up is Proof. If you say that you will call back at 2 and you call back at 2 - that is a baby step of Proof.
Gary Vee says that Social Media is Proof. In this article, How 12 companies built trust using Twitter for customer service, there are specific examples. Most ILEC, cable and nationwide CLEC are on twitter, proactively putting out customer service fires and, as a result, both managing the company brand reputation and building trust.
Social media, local search and sites like Yelp, MerchantCircle, Angie's List, and YP, where user reviews can be written - all add up to social proof through WOM (word-of-mouth)
Just make sure that you give them something good to talk about.

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