Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Business

As I try to finish up my latest book, SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services, I was thinking about my books, my blogs and my consulting practice. I blog a lot (over 6000 posts since 2004). This is the 4th book.

I read this from Seth Godin today, "The book is a calling card. It leads to a movie deal or a speaking gig, or another book contract, or consulting, or respect, or a better class of cocktail party. Which means that the true margin on each book is more of these external benefits, not the dollar or three made on each copy." Interesting way to see it, but then every consultant needs a catalog - a list of speech topics, writings (blog and book), product to sell, and then consulting. Gary Vee probably has that model executed the best right now.

The question I get asked most often is: What do you do? My answer has to get better than: I help companies to compete profitably against the Duopoly. Lately, the Duopoly has been hiring more than the CLEC sector. (What gives with that?)
Here's what I do for clients. Go Here!

Being a Telecom Agent is what got me started in this business and I still provision and quote for over 40 carriers. Finding fiber for clients is the number one reason they come to me. Admittedly, transit and transport have become commodities that are price shopped. I cannot always provide the price you are looking for, but I offer value adds, such as help with provisioning, one throat to choke, circuit inventory, carrier contacts - acting as your outsourced telecom department.

My consulting projects have come from unexpected companies lately. Most of it is just to get access to the info in my head. (That's not scalable.) The webinars and seminars are not scalable either. (It's just trading time for money.) The products - books, video, mp3's - are scalable. (I just need more of them I guess.)

For the smaller ISP's, their model is similar: DSL and dial-up aren't selling much any more. Price shopped. Need more revenue streams. I sympathize.

Reading a comment about my last post, I hope that some of my blog posts at least resonate with you and help you even a little. (Or why do I even bother?) Well, back to work. Must finish book! Pre-order the paperback of SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services for $25 now!

How do you like the cover?

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