Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Special Access Price Increases

Rates are going up!

VZ raise special access rates: "Verizon wants to raise rates by 6% for middle-mile broadband access". "Several members of the NoChokePoints Coalition have filed petitions with the Federal Communications Commission to oppose Verizon's increase of the special access prices by 6 percent, according to a press release. The coalition includes such telecom providers as Cbeyond, Integra Telecom, tw telecom, Sprint and XO," reports Virgo.

Meanwhile, AT&T Southeast is raising rates on business phone lines and Fast packet services. "Effective on or after June 15, 2012, the month-to-month and 12-24 month rates for Ports (i.e., Connections, UNI’s and NNI’s) on BellSouth® Fast Packet Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Service will increase approximately 50%. The amount of the increase will depend on your specific configuration." For FL look here: http://cpr.att.com/pdf/fl/news/flnews.htm and for Louisiana look here: http://cpr.att.com/pdf/la/news/lanews.htm

Most NSP's that are in the former BellSouth wholesale ADSL program have an ATM to aggregate the DSL. You probably pay for an ATM (XAATMS) port. Look for USOC XAA14 (DS3) and XAA11 (DS1)

There was also the Broadband Gateway (BBG) and End User Aggregation (EUA) pieces with USOC's below.

former FCC Tariff 28.2.10

(E) End-User Aggregation

(1) Arrangement Capacities

Per 1.536 Mbps Transport ADFA1

Per 44.210 Mbps Transport ADFA4

Per 149.760 Mbps Transport ADFA5

Per 599.040 Mbps Transport ADFA9

28.2.10 Rates and Charges

(E) End-User Aggregation

EUA Activation Charge over existing ATM (COMBO)

Per 1.536 Mbps ADFAA

Per 44.210 Mbps ADFAB

Per 149.760 Mbps ADFAC

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