Friday, May 04, 2012

Merge Some Windy OTT

I'm always spouting off about marketing, branding, bundling. Well, here is an example of an ILEC really doing a decent job of it.

Windstream is marketing Merge as a triple-play bundle. "Merge appears to be a new way to package existing products. In basic terms, Windstream has combined a Roku streaming set-top-box with their broadband service, and unlimited voice calling, creating a new brand/product around it." The bundle includes a six month subscription to Hulu Plus. "Merge is really a lesson in marketing. Leverage the growing demand for OTT video by packaging it with broadband and unlimited voice for a new approach at the triple play bundle. Windstream has avoided the intensive investment necessary for their own video service, relying instead on DBS bundled video. Merge expands their triple play approach," continues Telecompetitor.

For those of you looking at IPTV, there are ways to offer TV Entertainment without the huge CAPEX!

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