Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rural 3G Build-out Reverse Auction

From a Droid article, "The FCC has released an interactive map that shows which parts of the country still don’t have access to a reliable 3G/4G network."

"In an effort to help these areas get better network access, the FCC will be holding a $300 million reverse auction for these rural zones. The winner of the reverse auction will receive a one-time payment of $300 million in order to fund the build out of wireless data in rural areas."

The FCC’s reverse auction won’t begin until September 27, 2012. The official press release is here. The full Notice is here [pdf].

My post about the FCC rural rulings.

And all the things that the FCC is working on.


Apparently, you have to already HAVE the spectrum to get in on this. This is just an incentive to actually deploy spectrum that you have, which is funny since most auctions had a deadline when the spectrum had to be used by. Why not enforce that, Julius?

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