Monday, February 06, 2012

IKANO Transforms Again

IKANO entered my radar at ISPCON as a wholesale dial-up provider. In those days, many ISP's were looking to outsource as much dial-up as they could to contain costs and become more profitable at dial-up. IKANO acquired Dialup USA in 2005 and DSL Extreme in 2006. IKANO offers wholesale DSL and dial-up services as well as Internet call center services for the VISP.

IKANO is also a Google partner for ISP's that want to migrate over to Google Apps as the underlying service. (DISCLOSURE: I am a referral partner for that service.) IKANO also offers Microsoft Exchange service (which seems to compete directly with the Google offering).

Now IKANO has launched a new brand as their cloud business venture. Virtacore is a cloud service provider offering:

  • Managed Private Clouds
  • On-demand Public Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • Google Apps for Business
I think that covers all of it: public, private, hybrid and Google.

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