Thursday, February 23, 2012

Email Marketing Still Works

Email marketing still works despite the new media marketing folks pushing social media. As I wrote in December, websites are still the number one lead gen online sight. WHEN DONE CORRECTLY, Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive manner to communicate with your customers.

"small businesses should show their consumers how their service will be beneficial to them, as well as be open to how their information will be used.”

Email / newsletters are an opportunity to say thank you, Upsell, cross-sell, ask for referrals, engage your customers, ask for a review, get referrals, and of course showcase a promotion/product.

Case studies, customer spotlights, employee stories – all make great content (for a blog, website, email or newsletter).

Are you staying in front of your customers? Or do you not want to bother them? In which case, you are just a line item on their monthly statement. More than 60% of customers leave because they feel ignored!!

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