Monday, January 16, 2012

Sales Math and Marketing Effort

Most entrepreneurs have NO idea how much they really need to be marketing in order to effectively and consistently attract more clients and make more money.

And I know I write about sales and marketing far more often than some of you want to read it, but it is more important today for survival than ever.

The first thing to do is Be Clear about what you want to accomplish - what progress will make you happy?

Ask yourself the following question:

"Next year at this time, how much revenue would you like to be reporting?"

Now break it down: How much is that per month? (HINT: this will be your new monthly goal or quota.)

To take it a step further: What is your ARPU, average dollar per client per month?

So, how many paying clients would it take for you to make that monthly goal or quota? [This is sales math; it is older than that Livingstone in the corner.]

Next let's examine you’re closing rate: How well do you convert prospects into paying clients? Looking back and ‘guesstimating’ how often you close the sale, what’s that percentage?

Math example: If you close the sale 50% of the time, and you need 5 new clients per month, then you’ll need to speak to 10 new prospects each month. Put that on your calendar.

How many prospects do you need to have a sales conversation with every month?

Based on this number, would you have to do more marketing than you’re doing now?

Chances are the answer is yes. Most people are shocked when I tell them that in order to consistently have a full funnel, you need to be marketing several hours every day. Yes, several hours each and every day. It's not a spigot. It's not immediate. It takes repeated, continuous effort to mark your services.

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