Monday, January 30, 2012

The Next FCC Auction?

In this Washington Post video, Cleland Says FCC Airwave Sale May Exclude AT&T, Verizon and favor Google. Of course, he does. Cleland is the guy behind "Scott Cleland is the world’s leading Google critic. He has testified before the U.S. House and Senate three times regarding Google, and is author of the new book, Search & Destroy: Why You Can’t Trust Google."

Being anti-Google has paid him handsomely, especially since there are companies like AT&T and VZ that like the way he demonizes their competition.

Cleland blogs here about how the FCC is out of control and just wants to raise revenue for the US Treasury. That is actually the history behind spectrum auctions: revenue! Rarely does spectrum get taken back or enforcement of auction rules occur. Even deployment rules are not enforced. Even the GAO is behind the FCC's auction ability.

ASIDE:: Sinclair has an alternative plan for TV spectrum here.

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