Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is It Time for Metering?

As we head into ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami Beach next week, one topic of discussion will be metering of bandwidth. The carriers must be happy that this is finally being talked about. Apparently, about half of American broadband users already have a cap. Certainly, mobile data is metered and capped. Satellite is definitely capped.

As usage continues to increase and as more data goes to the Cloud, how will network operators keep up with demand not just for capacity, but throughput and latency? Will Metering will bring in the extra dollars to pay for it?

One viewpoint from LogiSense is in this article from Channel Vision magazine.

There are companies now that are just providing the ability to meter services (at least one will be at ITEXPO). It should make for an interesting year as both Cloud and Hosted UC try to take off (so that those service providers who have invested millions in these services can gain revenue) at the same time that broadband access will increase in price (and uncertainty because with metering you don't know what your bill will be month to month).

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