Monday, November 14, 2011

Net Neutrality and Congestion

What next for network neutrality? From Benton Foundation, "Verizon and MetroPCS are pursuing lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission, claiming the agency doesn't have the legal authority to issue network neutrality/open Internet rules. Meanwhile, on the other side of the question, the group Free Press has also sued the FCC because the rules don't apply to mobile services. The question could remain open for years."

UltraFast Networks lead to risks. Benton Foundation writes, "Statistics dictate that the vastly greater number of transactions among computers in a world 100 times faster than today will lead to a greater number of unpredictable accidents, with less time in between them." This article comes on the heals of this one: You’ve got a gigabit network, so now what?

Websites aren't loading well amid the vast array of operating systems, devices and browsers. Plus data heavy and widget heavy (Google maps, etc.) sites hang. Consumers get bored in 8 seconds!

Which leads to this BF article: Traffic jams, ISPs and network neutrality. "Internet service providers would profit from a congested Internet in which some content providers will be more than willing to pay an additional fee for faster delivery to users."

I thought that CDN's did that? And Level3's new website optimization service.

BTW, the US Senate rejected the attempt to overturn FCC's network neutrality rules, 52-46 [BF]

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