Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Connect America Fund

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined a plan to reform and modernize the Universal Service Fund (USF) and Intercarrier Compensation system (ICC) in a speech delivered at FCC headquarters. The pro-consumer plan will, if adopted by the Commission later this month, reform USF/ICC to unleash enormous benefits including expanded broadband infrastructure for millions of Americans. Genachowski goes on to say, "Proposal would help bring consumer benefits of broadband to 18 million Americans who are currently denied access to full economic and social participation." (He means rural residents without broadband, except maybe satellite access.)

On the one hand, I am excited that the FCC will FINALLY be resolving the USF and ICC issues.

On the other hand, do taxpayers really have to foot the bill for all rural services, like mail, phone and broadband? The current USF is 15.3%.

Other FCC news:

Using 477 data, the FCC has released 2 reports that contain data up to December, 2010. One is the Internet Access report. The other is Local Telephone Service report.

And that's not all! The FCC has released a report and order on the TRS Relay fund for Inter-Connected VoIP providers who now have to contribute to the fund and provide TRS to those with disabilities. Also, called Advanced Communications Services for the Disabled. Something to do with the 499-A form. But I didn't read all of this yet.

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