Friday, August 19, 2011

What's the IPv6 Outlook?

Yesterday I had a webinar with NTT America about IPv6 migration (for agents). It's was a little technical but the key to sales is to be asking your customers if they are thinking about IPv6. With every hardware purchase - PC's, tablets, cellphones, IP Phones, PBX, router, switch, servers, and any Internet-enabled gear - going forward should be checked for IPv6 capability.

Ipv4 exhaustion is real and the last /8 has been allocated to ARIN, so ISP's need to start thinking about what strategy - Dual Stacking, Tunneling or some NAT scheme - they will employee to start transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6.

Comcast is already deploying IPv6 set-top boxes and DOCSIS 3 is IPv6 ready. What about your endpoints? Every DSL mode, IP phone, IAD?

No one wants to have to re-address tens of thousands of customer endpoints, but it is coming. It's a reality not a future maybe.

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